Bat House Placement Guide

Bat house placement is the key to attracting bats to your bat house. The following information will help you determine the best location and style of your bat house.


Place your bat house on the side of a building (barn, shed) or pole; avoid a tree that has branches.

Mounting Height

Preferred is minimum of 12 to 20 feet above ground.

Nearest Obstacle

Place your bat house away from any tree’s, tree branches, wires or any obstacle they may hinder bats. There should a minimum of 20 feet from nearest obstacles.


When possible locate your bat house with in a ½ mile of a water source, pond, stream, river or lake and should be located at the edge of the water source and tree line. When placing the bat house the entrance should face away from the trees and or obstacles.

Bat House Color and Construction

This is determined by the bat zone in which your bat house will be located.

Bat House Color Recommendation and Sun Exposure

Zone 1: (Black/ Dark Finish) Direct Sun light 6 to 8 hours.

Zone 2: (Dark/ Medium Gray Finish) Direct Sun light 6 to 8 hours.

Zone 3: (Medium/ Light Gray Finish) Direct Sun light 6 to 8 hours, vented bat house.

Zone 4: (White/ light shade finish) Direct Sun 6 hours, vented bat house.

P & S Country Crafts bat houses are designed to mount to either a flat surface or pole. Flat surfaces such an exterior wall of a side wall of a barn or house. Bat houses may also be mounted to a metal pole wood post.

Flat Surface Mounting

Find a suitable bat house placement site for your bat house (see mounting).  Once a suitable location is found you may want to pre drill your first hole on side of the mounting site, than pre drill the remaining 3 hole once you have determined your bat house is level.  Using the four pre-drilled holes located at each corner of your bat house insert the four supplied screws.  Attach your bat house to your desired location.

Pole Mounting

Before drilling holes attaching brackets to bat house and the mounting pole or wood post you must first measure. Start by measuring the distance from the top of your bat house to the bottom. Once this is done take the distance of the bat house, take this distance and measure starting from the top of post or pole measure down and mark this distance on the pole or post.

Using two 1 inch by 2 inch wood Brackets, (supplied) attach one bracket to your mounting pole top and the second bracket to the bottom mark.  Make sure the pole is centered to the bracket.  To avoid splitting pre-drill your holes prior to installing brackets. Now that brackets are attached to the mounting pole attach your bat house to the brackets. Line up each corner, pre-drill each of the four holes insuring not to drill into the chamber. Then attach your bat house to the brackets.

Bat House Installation Manual

Bat house Installation Manual .PDF