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Rod From Austin, TX Shows Off His Bat Houses

April 24, 2011

Rod from Austin TX recently purchased small 3 chamber bat houses seen here mounted back to back on a pole. Thank You Rod for sending us your pictures. We are looking for more pictures and feedback for bat houses purchased from P&S Country Crafts. Send us your pictures and feedback and receive a free P&S Country…

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Ohio Theatened By White-Nose Syndrome

April 23, 2011

Scientists for the State of Ohio have confirmed their first case of White-Nose Syndrome, the fungus associated with WNS was found in mine where bats are known to hibernate.  The abandoned mine located in the Wayne National Forest in Lawrence Country Ohio, the fungus was confined to just bats that were hibernating. The fungus associated…

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Kentucky Becomes 18th State To Confirm White-Nose Syndrome

April 16, 2011

Officials for the State of Kentucky announced on Wednesday April 13th that WNS has made its way to their state, making Kentucky the 18th state to confirm WNS. Officials found the dead in a cave about 30 miles from Paducah in southwestern Kentucky.

Common Redpoll

April 13, 2011

This March we were visited by a flock of Common Redpolls. This was the first year they made their  presence at our bird feeder. Known for being predictably unpredictable, the Common Redpoll  has an inconsistent habit of one winter they will be seen in abundance at your feeder or in limited numbers and the next…

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Rabies And Bats Over Estimated?

April 2, 2011

When you think of rabies, bats usually come to mind with their bad reputation of being disease ridden and a nuisance. But a recent study done has changed the way we should look at bats and their stigma of being the bad boy on the block. Over time bats had the bad reputation of being…

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